Cotillion Attire

Semi-formal or “dressy” attire is required, with the exception of the two theme nights


Coat and tie
Khakis or slacks
No jeans, shorts, gym shoes or Vans
Dress shoes, loafers, and top-siders are appropriate


Dress or blouse and skirt with appropriate length for active dancing (end of fingertip length as a good rule of thumb)
No one-strap, midriff, off-the-shoulder, thin spaghetti strap, strapless or backless dresses
No revealing attire or visible undergarments
Shorts or pants are not permitted
Backless shoes are not permitted, and very high heels are not suitable for dancing
No sneakers allowed
Flats are ideal


Come in costume!
“50’s Sock Hop” and “Wild, Wild West” 
Jeans are acceptable for these two themed events.